company culture

company culture


Enterprise Declaration

Work together and seek common development
Oath to coexist and prosper with Hongtai
Advancing with the times, hard work and dedication
Keep away from drugs
Work together for mutual benefit
Unity and assistance, common progress
Alarm bells ringing, be prepared for danger in times of peace
Be loyal and dedicated


Hongtai company's "honor" and "humiliation" view of being a human being

Protecting the factory is proud of the family, and ashamed of ruining the factory
Hard work is proud, laziness and decadence are ashamed
Unity and mutual assistance are proud and it is shameful to harm others
It is proud to help the weak and the poor, ashamed to bully the poor and flatter the rich
Honesty, benevolence and righteousness are glory, hypocrisy and insidiousness is shame
Respect and humble, proud of being strong and arrogant, ashamed
It's honor to be ethical and shameful as a traitor to ask for it
Sharing joys and sorrows is glory, lonely extravagance and loss are ashamed


Employee Code of Conduct "Three Character Classics"

Hongtai people produce high-quality goods
Gathering talents Guangsiyi
People oriented, factory as home
All employees are professional
Be a man first, do things later
Virtuous and fearful of charisma
Neighborhood and family harmony
Waiting for relatives and friends
Pay attention to etiquette when going out
Keep small interests behind
Good conduct and far evil spirit
Guests visit first
Tea pouring Civilized language
Mutual understanding between colleagues
Good image, warm people's hearts
Some people say that harmony is the most important thing
Do not deceive, dissatisfied
Comrades, work hard together
I don't argue with others
Diligent communication between superiors and subordinates
Responsibilities at work
There are opinions in person
Those who have the ability, those who are equal
Have difficulties, work together
Negotiate in case of major events
Focus on safety and quality
Attach importance to environmental protection
Suggestions, all enthusiastic
Expert skills, expensive innovation
Need to do Immediately
Difficulties in starting a business
Grasp management and promote production
Create a brand and strive for the first
Honesty is the foundation, creation is the soul







ADDRESS:Barium Salt Industrial Park, Tianzhu County Industrial Park, Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture, Guizhou Province

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