Recruitment position

Recruitment position


Job Title: Marketing Manager

Age: 25-45 years old

Education: Full-time undergraduate

Number of signboards: 2 (unlimited for men and women)

Work area: Tianzhu County, Southeast Guizhou

Nature of work: full-time

Salary: 10,000 yuan + (basic salary + commission, depending on personal ability)

Working hours: 9:00-17:00 (holidays are implemented according to national legal holidays)

Resume delivery address: 1041713494@qq.co

Marketing Manager Responsibilities:

1. According to the sales plan of the marketing department, be responsible for detailing the various sales indicators decomposed into the jurisdiction to each area, and ensure that the implementation is in place, and guide, monitor and adjust the completion process of the various sales indicators in the region. Achieve the dual management of "process + result", and take full responsibility for the full completion of sales targets.

2. Responsible for the establishment and management of the sales/organizational structure system, and the recruitment, training, guidance, promotion, management and monitoring of the personnel in the jurisdiction, ensuring the quantity and quality of the sales team in the jurisdiction, and assessing the direct subordinates, Encourage, cultivate and reserve talents for the company's business development. 3. According to the management system of the sales department, refine and improve the management system of the jurisdiction to make it more applicable and operable, and take full responsibility for its execution effect.

4. In accordance with the company's sales network development plan, strengthen the construction of the market, ensure the quantity and quality of the regional retail network construction, and take full responsibility for the construction, maintenance and development of the regional retail network.

5. Regularly hold sales manager meetings to ensure effective and timely work, publicize new plans, seek new opportunities, train sales teams with modern sales awareness, and establish a "team" spirit.

6. Responsible for the verification and monitoring of the sales expense budget and sales contract, and responsible for the recovery of the sales payment.

7. Strictly implement and implement the market price and product flow management system issued by the sales department to ensure the orderly management of the market environment in the jurisdiction.

8. Responsible for the timely collection, analysis and feedback of the first-line information of the sales market, and formulate the March rolling sales forecast based on the analysis results and the regional promotion plan, and take full responsibility for the truthfulness, accuracy, timeliness and effectiveness of this sales forecast.

9. Responsible for the management of target inventory in the jurisdiction, collect and statistical analysis on a regular basis, and be responsible for the inventory structure in this area.

10. According to the marketing department's overall promotion plan and promotion plan, implement a unified marketing plan, and work with the promotion manager, combined with the actual situation of the regional market, formulate the regional monthly and annual marketing plan, and submit it to the marketing department and sales department for approval After that, strictly implement and monitor, and take full responsibility for the implementation effect in the region.

11. Responsible for the public relations in the region, do a good job of relations with local governments, financial institutions, news organizations and communities, and establish a good corporate image.

12. Responsible for various after-sales service work, evaluate after-sales personnel and service quality, and provide constructive opinions on the company's after-sales service policy on a regular basis in order to improve the overall after-sales service level.







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